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Exotic lumber supplier and domestic wood supplier Mark Frieden Lumber always stocks the products below. Of course, we can order almost any wood species or plywood type. Just ask!

These prices are for 4/4 or 1” material usually planed to 7/8”, 13/16 or 3/4”.

Red Oak $3.60
Quartersawn Red Oak $4.50
Walnut $4.50
Poplar $2.95
Ash $3.60
Cherry $4.20
Hard Maple $4.20
Curly Maple $5.00
Bird's Eye Maple $6.50
Hickory $3.75
White Oak $4.50
Quartersawn White Oak $5.50
Birch $3.60
Cambia $4.75
Paduak $10.00
African Mahogany $6.50
Purpleheart $9.00
Red Grandis $4.75
Spanish Cedar $6.95
Lacewood $14.00
Yellowheart $11.00
Zebrawood $16.00
Aspen $3.00
Southern Yellow Pine $2.95
Cypress $5.00
Aromatic Red Cedar $2.95
Rustic Alder $2.95
Basswood $3.00
Box Elder $3.00
Ipe $8.00
Wenge/Panga $15.00
Bubinga (African Rosewood) $14.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Everything listed is a clear grade of lumber, kiln dried and planed. Rustic Alder is a knotty grade.

We will sell planed or rough lumber

Shorter lengths, under 4’ are sold at a cheaper price.

We can also order lumber with one straight edge usually at the same price as listed above.

We can order about any plywood you want with different thicknesses and grades.

We also handle 2” material for thicker projects.

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