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Looking for an exotic wood supplier near Wichita, KS, Topeka, KS or Kansas City? With wood species like purpleheart, paduak and African mahogany in stock plus domestic woods like Hard Maple, Cherry and Quartersawn Oaks, Mark Frieden Lumber has your wood all in one place.

Our lumber is kiln dried and planed and can be ordered with a straight edge. We can custom order almost any exotic lumber. We also can order many different species of plywood with different thicknesses and quality at a competitive price.

We love selling large orders of lumber, but also sell small amounts to cater to our customers needs. Many of the local high school woodshops use our wood in their woodworking classes. An often used phrase around here is: ”we sell lumber one board at a time.” We pride ourselves on selling beautiful products at a great price.

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